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The highly talented and beautiful Jenny Dell was raised in Connecticut. Initially she aspired to be a chef which made her pursue this dream at the University of Massachusetts Amherst by enrolling for an Undergraduate degree with a major in Tourism management and Hospitality though she loved the culinary arts. Jenny Dell always loved sports during her childhood years and this made her to take another major in sport event marketing at the University and this is where her entry to the world of sport had begun. Jenny Dell started taking an active role in student’s sports by making herself useful by assisting out in the sports office. After graduation Jenny Dell occupied herself into the world of sport by seeking several offerings that would give her with the required expertise, confidence and experience to pursue a career in events management and sports.

She severally applied to ESPN; seeking to be considered for the post of administrative assistant but none of the applications were successful, she kept on looking for openings at the ESPN station and eventually she landed a job as a production assistant(operational on the NBA).

After four months with ESPN she was approached and asked if she would be interested to work on air. She took the opportunity and ever since she has never looked back. Her love for sport and the confidence she had nurtured was evident from day one she went on air.

What had begun as fantasy segments soon blossomed into interviews to boot and major weekly shows. Jenny Dell viewers loved the professionalism, in depth knowledge and freshness she brought to the screens. She has interviewed numerous coaches, team managers, sport stars and fans alike.

Jenny Dell is currently on her 2nd year as NESN-Red Sox in game reporter. She has over the years gained a lot of experience and this is seen during her reporting as she can handle the viewer expectation and pressure. Jenny is now more knowledgeable about production and different players personalities; all these have given her a positive impact on her sport news delivery and this has made her one of the leading sports anchor and commentator around.

Jenny Dell acknowledges that it requires a lot of determination and hard work to be at the top; but she continuously work hard to reach the very top and develop her skills. Many people just find themselves doing careers they don’t like; not Jenny Dell. She adores what she does and this is shown when she appears on your screen with her reports on NESN Red Sox happenings and her inviting smile.

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