Jenny Dell BIO – Hot Ice Bucket Challenge

Best known for her stint as in game reporter for NESN covering the Red Sox, Dell is currently covering the NFL as a CBS sideline reporter.  She spoke in depth about making the switch.

In addition to her sideline duties it was also announced that Dell will be hosting an all female sports talk show on CBS.  jenny wil be joined by Lesley Visser, Dana Jacobson, formerly of ESPN, CBS NFL analyst Amy Trask, and sideline reporters Allie LaForce and Tracy Wolfson. NO clue what the show will be called or when it begins.

The beautiful and highly talented Jenny Dell grew up in Connecticut. She loved the culinary arts and initially aspired to be a chef; she did indeed pursue this dream and enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for a degree course with a Major in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

During her childhood and school years Jenny always loved sports; even as she pursued a totally different course But her love for sports was never diminished. During her sophomore year at the University, she decided to take up another major; this time she chose to take a Major in Sport Event Marketing. Her entry to the sports world had begun.

Jenny Dell immediately started taking an active part in student’s sports activities at the university. She made herself useful by helping out in the advancement office at the time. She also actively participated in the event planning of various programs in the universities sporting calendar like basketball and football. Immediately after graduation Jenny immersed herself into the sporting arena by seeking various offerings that would provide her with the necessary experience, expertise and confidence to fully pursue a career in sports and events management.









She made several applications to ESPN; seeking to be an administrative assistant to three different coordinating producers, none of the applications were successful. Never being one to give up; she kept on seeking openings at the station and was eventually offered a position as a production assistant working on the NBA.

After only four months in her job as a production assistant with the ESPN she was approached in the cafeteria while taking a bite and asked if she would like working on air. She grabbed the opportunity and has never looked back ever since. The confidence she had been nurturing over the years and her love for sports was evident from the first day she went on air.

What had started as some few fantasy segments here and there soon blossomed into major weekly shows and interviews to boot. The viewers loved the freshness, professionalism and in depth knowledge that Jenny Dell brought to their screens. She has successfully interviewed numerous sports stars, Coaches, team managers and fans alike.

Jenny is currently on her second year as NESN Red Sox in game reporter. She has gained a lot of experience over the years and this does show during her reporting. Though she is not getting into a comfort zone; she acknowledges that she is more at ease handling the pressure and viewer expectations.

The unknowns that would previously cloud her mind are now clearer. She is now more aware about the personalities of different players and is much more knowledgeable about her production crew; all these have had a positive effect on her delivery of sports news and have cemented her as one of the leading sports commentators around.

Jenny acknowledges that it takes a lot of hard work and determination to get to the top; but she is determined to continuously work hard to develop her skills and reach the very top. Many people find themselves doing jobs they don’t love; not her. She loves what she does, and it shows when she hits your screen with her inviting smile and reports on all the NESN Red Sox happenings of the day.

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